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The Parish today

The Parish of St George and St Teresa is a vibrant and dynamic community enriched by the activities of many groups organised and run by the lay community – from the wardens in church to the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist; from the choir, music and altar serving to the sacristy and flower arranging; from badminton to the walking group. These groups cater for all ages and interests. We are very blessed in having many people who contribute financially and voluntarily to the life of the Parish.

Please find below a list of the different activities taking place in the Parish, together with a brief explanation of each activity and information outlining how you can play a part. We welcome all who wish to be involved.

Altar Servers - The Guild of St Stephen
We have many altar servers, mostly boys and girls of school age, and also a number of adults. The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. Once altar servers have successfully completed their training and been on the altar for at least one year they are awarded a bronze medal of the Guild of St Stephen. New servers must have already received their first Holy Communion and training starts every year in September or October. Existing servers who have trained in other parishes are also always welcome. Those wishing to become servers should speak to the Parish Priest. Organisation of the training and rota is done by Rita Salloway (01564 730150, rita.salloway@btinternet.com).


Money Counters
The money counters are responsible for counting the collections. Those wishing to become a money counter should speak to the Parish Priest. The rota is organised by John Murray (01564 777234).

 Church Cleaning
The aim of the church cleaning groups is to keep the church, sacristy and narthex clean and tidy every week. Each group takes great care and pride in the work they do. For more information, please contact Mary Shelton (07818 255582).

The Catenian Association
The Catenian Association provides practising Catholic laymen and their families with friendship, social activities and support. There are three Circles – Solihull, City of Birmingham and North Warwickshire. Please see www.thecatenians.co.uk for more information.

Children’s Sunday Liturgy
The Children's Sunday Liturgy takes place every Sunday at the 10:30am Mass during the school term time. The aim of the group is to teach the Gospel of the relevant Sunday to children in a way they can understand. For more information please contact Isabel Cusack (01564 776778, isabelcusack@yahoo.co.uk).

Choir and Organists
The aim of the choir and organists is to provide musical accompaniment for the voices of the congregation during services. If you would like to take part, please contact Carolyn Roskell on 07985 217553.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
The Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion. Those wishing to become a Eucharistic Minister should speak to the Parish Priest. The rota is organised by Jackie Hildreth (0121 705 0760).

Church wardens are responsible for ensuring that people are looked after when they enter the church to attend the Sunday Masses. They are also responsible for taking up and securing the offertory collection. If you would like to become a Church warden, please speak to the Parish Priest. The co-ordinator is Kevin Moroney (kevin.d.moroney@gmail.com).

Padre Pio Prayer Group
The prayer group prays for our Parish, the sick, worldwide affairs, all who suffer, for peace, for the needs of those who come to the group and make it viable. More information to appear soon.

Parish Centre

Please see the page on the parish centre (click here).

Parish Centre Social Committee
The Parish centre social committee tries to organise a couple of social events a year and is always open to new ideas. For more information please contact Steve Worrell (01564 200373) or Veronica Chapman (01926 403648).

Parish Pastoral Council
The council aims to create a strong bond and partnership between the Clergy and the laity, and advise and assist the Parish Priest in all matters relating to the Spiritual and Temporal life of the Parish. For more information, please contact Tony Taylor (01564 205238).

Piety Stall
There is a piety stall in the narthex where you can purchase religious items such as rosaries, cards and booklets. The person responsible for the piety stall is Isabel Cusack (01564 776778, isabelcusack@yahoo.co.uk).

To proclaim the inspired content of the Scriptures in the midst of the worshipping Community is the ministry entrusted to the readers. If you would like to become a reader, please speak to the Parish Priest. The rota is organised by Veronica Chapman (01926 403648).

Rosary group
The Rosary group meets on Fridays after the morning Mass. If you would like to join the group, please contact Debbie Burrell (01564 771658, debbie87@btinternet.com).

Parish Finance and Property Committee
This body oversees the Financial Affairs and Property Maintenance of the Parish Church, Centre and Presbytery.  The Chair is John McDonald : 01564 776734. 

The St Vincent de Paul Society (or as it is often known - the SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage. For more information on the SVP in England and Wales, please click here (link to www.svp.org.uk). The Society is very active in our Parish. We provide practical assistance to those in need – for example, by helping with lifts to Church and organising the Soup Run. If you would like to get involved, please contact Frank Eustace (01564 776703).